Technology portfolio

We develop a wide range of innovative real-time algorithms, available for licensing or as portable software libraries. For technical information or commercial inquiries, please contact us here or using the contact form on our homepage.

ARCADE 3D audio codec

ARCADE is a patented spatial audio codec that allows encoding scene-based 3D audio over stereo with no additional metadata required. Learn more…


DuoMic is a set of three new mic-ing techniques for recording surround or hemispherical 3D sound with only two microphone capsules. Learn more…

Stereo center extraction

Artefact-free, bit-perfect stereo center extraction algorithm with mono compatibility, for use in:

  • Stabilized binaural rendering using LCR
  • Upmixing
  • Car audio

Stereo repanner

An artefact-free, perfect reconstruction stereo image repanning algorithm with mono compatibility, the stereo repanner allows modifying the pan law in a stereo mixture, for use in:

  • Mastering

High-Order Ambisonics / VBAP renderers and tools

We have developed in-house HOA and VBAP renderers, as well as Ambisonics field transformation tools:

  • Spatial upmix
  • Field rotation
  • Field zoom

Soundfield visualization tools

The Panoscope and Spheroscope are soundfield visualization tools that dynamically show the spectral contents of an audio mix in a 2D or 3D scene.

Spheroscope visualization


ARCADE Tech Preview Plugins

Our ARCADE Tech Preview Plugins integrate the Spheroscope visualization tool.


The stereo center extraction and repanner algorithms are integrated in Leapwing Audio’s CenterOne mastering plugin.